27th September 2019

This week I turned 30 and while yes that makes me feel old it also meant I got some amazing book related gifts! First up I got a book spa voucher for Mr B’s Book Emporium for a “unique bookish pampering gift in one of our sumptuous bibliotherapy rooms. One of our team of booksellers will learn all about your favourite reads by having an informal chat with you over coffee or tea and some delicious cake, before introducing you to a tower of books especially selected to suit your tastes.” So my mum, nana and I are off to Bath for a long weekend in November and I seriously ant wait!

Second on the awesome book gifts was a trip to Simply Books Independent book shop in Bramhall and a book-stack paid for by the husband!! Was a lovely little shop and I got some great books. He also let me hit up the charity shops so in total I walked away with 30 books, how fitting!

My final bookish gift was a gorgeous metal book mark from my friend which has pictures of my gorgeous little boy on it, such a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Scroll down to see if you can find it!

So now I have rambled about how spoilt I am lets get on with why you re here, book reviews. This week was a good week as I had a few days off so had extra time to read…

The Giver of Stars – Jojo Moyes

Set in America in the 1930’s, Alice becomes a stranger in a foreign land when she moves across the world to be with her husband, who she believes is the love of her life, only to realise she doesn’t know him at all.

She is lonely and so decides to volunteer to help start a travelling library to be run by women. This opens her to the friendship of four unlikely woman and follows their stories in a time when woman are starting to be more than just house wives.

I have to admit I was a bit unsure when I started reading this as I am not as massive fan of historical fiction, I can read it but I have to be in the right mood for it and I will be honest I hadn’t read the description when I requested the ARC, I just saw it was Jojo and said “yes please!!” That being said I was quickly drawn in (as is usually the case with anything I read by Moyes) and I found myself enjoying the story line. I also enjoyed that, although the story was fictional, the library initiative was real and helped so many people.

Thanks to netgalley for the copy in exchange for review.

Lets just thrown in reviews for two other Jojo books I read this Year…

After You


The second instalment in the life of Lou Clark. It was a lovely read and Jojo moyes writes so well you are instantly drawn into the character and plot but this just wasn’t as good as the first one for me, maybe I should have left a little time between reading the first and the second one.

Me Before You


** spoiler alert ** A moving story of how two people help each other though difficult periods of time.

I thought the writing was great and I really became invested in the characters.

I was tempted to give four stars but then i realised that was because I wanted the happy ending that I then would have criticised if it had been written! I just wanted Will to say he loved her though!!!

My Sister, the Serial Killer – Oyinkan Braithwaite

Korede is constantly cleaning up the messes left by her sister, Ayoola, the only distinctive difference to any other sister relationship is that Korede is cleaning up the bodies of her sisters dead boyfriends! But her sister sets her sights on Korede’s long term crush has she gone one step too far?

This was a quick read as it was well written and easy to follow and I can see why it was selected for the long list.

It was an interesting idea but I just didn’t connect with the characters or get understand the deeper reason for why her sister was killing all these men.

Check out my other reads from the 2019 Booker List here.

I Am I Am I Am – Maggie O’Farrell


I am I am I am in awe of Maggie O’Farrell what a beautifully written memoir, so honest and raw.

“In the novel, the scene ends here, with Nina realising that the child they are discussing, the child who is dying,is her, but life, of course, is different. It carries on. No one yells, ‘CUT!’ No one puts in a full stop and leaves the chapter neatly there.”

O’Farrell shares with us some very personal experiences and near death encounters. I loved that the book wasn’t written in chronological order, it felt like you were just dipping in and out of her life. Some of the things she has been through just boggle the mind. I did feel that some of the ‘near death experiences’ we a bit of a push but I can see how they are relevant to the narrative and have shaped her into the person she is today.

I think I also enjoyed this book so much because a lot of the material about miscarriage and kids with allergies really resonated with me,

“I never understood the blanket secrecy your suppose to apply to early pregnancy. Certainly, I’ve never felt the need to broadcast the news far and wide, but it seems to me that pregnancy at any stage is significant, life-changing enough to warrant telling those closest to you. Even if something as devastating as pregnancy-loss happens, wouldn’t you want your close friends, your family to know? Who else would you turn to at such a time? How else do you explain the grief, the stunned pain on your face, the tears, the shock? Because loosing a bay, a foetus, an embryo, a child, a life, even at a very early stage, is still a shock like no other.”

I will definitely be reading more of her work, I know they will be very different as this was based on her real life experiences but her writing style is so engaging that I think anything she writes will be good.

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