Another Tick for the Book Bucket List…

18th October 2019

Reading a Stephen King book has been on my book bucket list for a long time so with this month being thriller month and this over just looking perfectly spooky I thought I better give it ago, check out how it went below. I also got through some other pretty good books and Instagram definitely knew i got flowers as they were in a lot of my photos (are you following me on Insta? If not then head over there after reading this and give me a follow @bookbeforeuleap)

The Outsider – Stephen King


A young boy is found murdered and mutilated in the woods, witness claim to have seen the murderer leaving the scene of the crime and DNA/finger print evidence seems to have the case locked down but then it’s discovered that the suspect has an air tight alibi and that an almost identical case has occurred in a different state…

Finally finished my first King novel and I don’t even know where to begin!

So I guess I will start with saying that this is not what I would call a horror. Yes there are gruesome bits and some descriptions that make your hairs stand on end but I would say it‘s more of a thriller with supernatural elements.

The story is well planned out and moves at a good pace. The characters are well developed and easy to follow who is who.

I can definitely understand why he has such a huge fan base, I was desperate to keep turning the pages whilst I was reading it. However thinking back now I’m finished I think it was overly descriptive and the story could have been done in half the amount of pages but I can’t mark it down for that because it didn’t feel like that when reading it!

I definitely enjoyed the book and I’m glad it’s a tick on my reading bucket list but I’m not rushing out to buy another.

Ask Again, Yes – Mary Beth Keane


This is the story of two young people raised side by side by very different families until one night when tragedy splits them apart. Years later they find their way back to each other but can their families forget the past?

I was tempted to give this only 3 stars when I first finished it as I was waiting for some big event from the past to be revealed but then then I found myself still thinking about it and that actually the message of the book was that things that seem so important at the time will all fade to insignificance in time and I loved that…

“All the things that had happened in their lives had not hurt them in any essential way, despite what they may have believed at times”

The style of writing reminds me of Sally Rooney and I would definitely recommend giving it ago.

Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon


This is the story of a very sick girl who has an extremely rare immune system disease which means she can’t leave her house falling in love with the strong willed boy who moves in next door and has problems of his own.

This was a lovely teen romance that was easy to read in an evening. I enjoyed the use of different medias such as IM’s, emails and texts and the story progressed fast enough. It touches on issues of loneliness, isolation, mental illness and domestic violence all which I felt were handled well.

That being said I saw the twist coming very very early on and there were inconsistencies that annoyed me such as where did Maddy and Olly get their money from? I know its tells you she gets a credit card but I don’t believe she would get a credit card with a big enough balance to pay for everything they did with no credit history! I also thought that some aspects were underdeveloped, I was expecting more back story into what had happened when she was younger than just looking out of the window and wanting to go outside and with what had happened with Olly’s Dad.

About the Author:

Everything, Everything is Nicola Yoon’s debut novel. She is a who is a young adult author who grew up in Jamaica and Brooklyn. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and daughter. She now has multiple published books, the most famous of which is probably ‘The Sun is also a Star’ which is going on my TBR!

They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera


A story of young love developing at the hardest of times.

I really wanted to enjoy this as it was a great premise and I loved that it was set over just one day but I just couldn’t get invested in the characters.

I think it was a combination of not having a developed enough back story and not being give a reason as to why they get death notifications.

Having said that it was easy to read and was a nice tick for the pop sugar challenge 2019

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