I love a Buddy Read!

1st November 2019

So this week has been full of learning about all the Instagram terms that relate to books and there are literally thousands, like did you know the book community on Instagram is called bookstagram?! One of my favourite things I have come across thanks to bookstagram is buddy reads. This is where a group of bookstagramers agree to read a certain book by a date, create a group chat and then discuss!!

My first buddy read was for Katherine McGee’s American Royals and I’m so glad it was as the book had been sitting on my tbr for a while but I kept putting it off thinking it wasn’t my kind of book and I think that’s still where it would be if it hadn’t been for the buddy read!

American Royals – Katherine McGee


I loved this novel this tells the tale of if America had a royal family instead of presidents. I found it a hybrid of the princesses diaries and gossip girl, who wouldn’t love that!

My favourite part was probably the end (cant say too much without spoiling it) but I could completely visualise it almost to the point where I had cast the actors in my head!

Most of the couples seemed well matched and I really liked that the sisters sis end up communicating as so many stories now depend on the characters misunderstanding the situation and being too afraid to talk to the other people.

There were so many loveable characters but my favourites were Bee, Conner and Samantha. I know a lot of people dislike Daphne but I did feel sorry for her with all the pressure on her. However I really really did not like Nina’s character, I felt she was selfish and could have brought so much more to the story with being one of the only “commoners” to feature prominently.

Cant wait for book 2 coming out next year!

Bear Town – Fredrik Backman


I still haven’t been able to review this as I just don’t think I an do it justice so i’m going to come back to this. I will say that the narration of this on Audible was outstanding, I sat in my car with tears streaming down my face so many times!

The Dreamers Karen Thompson Walker


A small town suffers from a pandemic sleeping illness that starts in a college dorm.

I read the synopsis for this and was immediately drawn it, it sounded like a brilliant idea but it just didn’t cut it for me.

I enjoyed the writing style, almost felt like I was floating above the town looking down at what was going on, and there were some genuine moments of suspense that made me think something more sinister was coming.

The actual story line let it down for me, it felt like it was just one big observation on what dreams are rather than a thought out story. The author was also very vocal on when she believes life begins which might be hard for some who have been through certain events find hard to read.

So Lucky – Dawn O’Porter


If you liked The Cows, you will enjoy this book!

This is a another story of female empowerment from Dawn O’Porter. Just as in “The Cows” the book is written from three different female perspectives each with their own issues. Ruby has body image and issues, Beth has marriage issues and Lauren has mental health issues and her story is told through Instagram posts, they all have mother issues.

I enjoyed the book and following the story to how all the women finally became connected, I always enjoy that the separate stories come together and I did really feel for the Beth.

I felt the ending let it down a little but that maybe because I was expecting a similar shocking twist as in Dawn’s previous book. It maybe unfair of me to expect a similar ending to another book but as it was written in a very similar style and progressed in the same way it felt like a foregone conclusion.

Since we are reviewing Dawn’s latest book I though I would tag on my reviw of her previous book, the cows which I read in 2018…

The Cows – Dawn O’Porter


Written from three different female perspectives, Tara is a middle aged single mum working in TV; Camilla is a blogger known for her strong opinions and liberated lifestyle; Stella is the PA suffering the loss of her twin. After Tara gets caught in a social media storm we follow each of the women’s lives to the inevitable moment when they are all brought together.

There were some cringe moments but also some genuine lol parts. This book was not what I was expecting from the synopsis, I felt it was going to be a heavy going feminist novel, it was more like chick lit with a message and definitely worth the read. I also did not see one part coming which really surprised me which rarely happens for me!

Also loving how my logo t-shirt turned out, perfect match for this book!

About the Author:

DAWN O’PORTER lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, her two boys Art and Valentine, and her cat Lilu and dog Potato.

Dawn started out in TV production but quickly landed in front of the camera, making numerous documentaries that included immersive investigations of Polygamy, Size Zero, Childbirth, Free Love, Breast Cancer and the movie Dirty Dancing. Further TV work included This Old Thing, a prime-time Channel 4 show celebrating the wonders of vintage clothing.

Dawn’s journalism has appeared in multiple publications and she was the monthly columnist for Glamour magazine. She is now a full-time writer of six books – although she would probably have written sixteen if it weren’t for her addiction to Instagram Stories.

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