15th November 2019

This week I’m super excited for the #bookstagramawards short lists to be revealed. One super awesome bookstagrammer decided that the awards that were out there were not representative of the bookstagram community and I have to say I agree, I see hundreds of book posts every day and hardly any of them show what’s nominated in these so called awards. So, she took on the mammoth task of picking categories and then opening the floor to nominations revealed (all nominations are for books published this year) so I have been really exited for these short lists to be revealed.

So far we have had the following categories:


Best Cover

Best Twist

Most Underrated

Best Debut

Head on over and check it out, I would love to hear from you if you have read any of them! I have only read four of them, will put my review for Queenie at the bottom of this weeks blog, the others (My sister is a serial killer, Girl Woman Other and The Silent Patient, can be found in past weeks)

I also started the Goldfinch and Frankly in love this week as part of buddy reads so wish me luck!

The Secrets we Kept – Lara Prescott


I found this book very easy to read and enjoyed the multiple character aspect, including the fact that some chapters were written from the point of view of one character and others from a collective of people voiced as one, i.e ‘the typists’.

I also though liked that it felt fast paced despite being set over such a long period of time.

my only let down is that I felt like it was building to a big twist that never actually emerged! i also which I had read Dr.Z before reading this as i feel like it would have given me more back story.

The Unhoneymooners – Christina Lauren

A truly feel good romance read, from the uplifting and colourful cover to the heart warming interactions between the characters you cannot help but smile.

This is the story of unlucky Olive who has to take her sisters place on her honeymoon when she and her entire wedding party succumb to food poisoning. She also has to go with the grooms brother who has shown complete distain for her from the day they met.

I love how easy I fell into this book and how I found myself starting it thinking, ‘I will only read a few chapters’, to looking up and noticing it was dark outside!

The characters were well developed and the tension that built really well, I loved the snippy dynamic between Olive and Ethan, their interactions constantly bringing a smile to my face.

The only reason I have give this four and not five stars is because of how believable the story line was, I mean I know its a romance and your going to be shouting at me, “what do you expect from a story that starts with an entire wedding getting food poisoning?!” but I found that it took away from my enjoyment just a little. That being said I will definitely be buying more Christina Lauren books.

Scars Like Wings – Erin Stewart

This is the story of how a young girl who survives a house fire that kills her parents and cousin moves on with her life after the fire. I got so involved in the story that I read it in a night.

The story line was easy to follow and the emotions felt real and raw. a very good piece of YA writing that I would recommend to friends. It also opened my eyes as to how we treat people with visual disfigurements and has made me more aware of what approaches are preferred.

Over all a very good piece of YA writing.

Thanks to net galley for the copy in exchange for review

Queenie – Candice Carty-Williams


Follows the story of Queenie and her downward spiral after breaking up from her long term boyfriend.

This story focuses on friendships, mental heath, racism and sexism. It does get very dark in places but is laugh out loud funny in others (mainly the group text conversations with her friends).

Enjoyable very good read although I did feel she went from 0 to full in crazy very fast!

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