The Vagabond King – Jodie Bond

11th December 2019

Threon, the Vagabond King, is torn from a life in the palace by raiders and forced to scrape a living on the streets of a foreign land.

Meeting a witch of the underworld, a rebel soldier and a woman cursed by a god, he seeks retribution through a quest to reclaim his home and throne.

Together they rekindle old allegiances, face an immortal army and learn to trust one another.

But when the gods begin to interfere with their plans, is it a curse or a blessing?



This is outside my normal choice of reads but when the chance to be on this blog tour came up, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of.

From the outset the book read like an episode of game of thrones and had me hooked. It throws you in at the deep end and keeps moving at a fast pace whilst still being able to build suspense which I really enjoyed.

There were king/queen, battle, magic, immortality elements and the the characters also had direct interactions with the gods which added a mythological element. I also enjoyed that the main characters wasn’t someone who had always had to fight, he started life as a spoilt prince…

I can’t wait to see what the next instalment brings.

*Thank you to Anne Carter, Jodie Bond and Parthian Books for my copy in exchange for an honest review .

About the Author:

Jodie Bond comes from a family of gin makers in the mountains of north Wales.

She works in marketing and performs as a burlesque artist.

She had an unconventional childhood, dividing her time between a quiet life on her mother’s farm and her father’s home which was infamous for holding some of the UK’s biggest raves in the 90s.

The Vagabond King, the first in a trilogy, is her debut novel.

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