More than a Mum by Charlene Allcott

17th February 2020

Mother: a woman considered in relation to her child or children.

Wife: a woman considered in relation to her spouse.

Shouldn’t there be more?

Alison has built her life around her family. Every day she packs lunches, rushes to work, and breaks up her daughter’s squabbles. She’s bored, restless and hungry for some excitement. Perhaps the charismatic Frank could be what she’s missing. But is Frank all he makes out to be? And what if a new, glamorous life isn’t quite what she needs?


This was the story of Alison, a complex woman who has spent years holding back her needs and wants to keep her family running smoothly but when she is sent to a networking event and meets Frank everything changes and Alison is swept up in a whirl-wind love affair but is Frank really all he seems.

I was easily able to relate to Alison’s struggles as a working mum, sometimes life just seems so repetitive with constant barrage of chores and tasks to work though, normally, with little or no thanks your mind can easily wonder if there is more to life. There were parts that I found a little unbelievable but could easily over look them as they build the story.

Allcott really takes the time to build the characters leaving you thoroughly invested in the outcome and I really liked that this book didn’t just romanticise everything, it felt real and gritty.

This was the perfect book to cosy in with, grab a glass of wine and the ice cream and enjoy!

Thanks to Damp Pebbles – Emma Welton & Transworld Books for my copy in exchange for review and don’t forget to check out the other bloggers who are on the tour to see their thoughts!

About The Author:

Born and raised in London and now living in Brighton with her five-year-old son, Charlene Allcott works part-time with young people in a residential care home. She writes a parenting blog at http://www.moderatemum.co.uk/. MORE THAN A MUM is her second novel.

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