An exciting and action packed new thriller, with roots in La Plante’s bestselling novels, Widows and Widows’ Revenge. Jack Warr is a young DC with the Metropolitan Police. Charming but aimless, Jack can’t seem to find his place in the world – until he’s drawn into an investigation that turns his life upside down.

In the aftermath of a fire at a derelict cottage, a badly charred body is discovered, along with the burnt remnants of millions of stolen, untraceable bank notes – the hidden legacy of Dolly Rawlins and her gang of Widows. Jack’s assignment to the case coincides with an investigation into his own past.

As he searches for the truth about his identity, Jack finds himself increasingly drawn into a murky underworld of corruption and crime. Those millions have not been forgotten – and Jack will stop at nothing to find the truth. ­

This is the introduction to a new detective series and I was very excited to start reading this as I have greatly enjoyed the Tennison, Anna Travis and Lorraine Page series. This book follows Jack Warr who has recently moved from country life to the police force in London. It brings characters in from previous novels but you don’t have to have read them as the story is very well set.

I enjoyed meeting La Plante’s new detective Jack, as he was definitely less than perfect which I liked. He is not the usual dedicated and obsessed detective of previous series and doesn’t even know if he wants to be a detective at all. He is coasting and he knows it which is what makes this different to her other detectives and makes it an interesting new slant. He uses the investigation of the robbery and consequential murder for his own purposes which adds another dimension to his flawed character. As usual this is a cleverly written story which keeps you guessing and turning the pages and I for one am already looking forward to the next Jack Warr novel.

Many thanks to @Tr4cyF3nt0n at compulsive reads blog tours, @Zaffrebooks and @laplantelynda

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