Written in his own words, and guided by a man who collects glasses in a local pub, this is the story of Herod ‘Rod’ Pinkney’s search for Daisy Lamprich, a young woman he first sees on a decade-old episode of the Judge Judy Show, and who he now intends to marry.

When Daisy is located in the coastal city of Huntington Beach, California, he travels there with his good friend and next-door neighbour, Donald, a man who once fought in the tunnels of Cu Chi during the Vietnam War and who now spends most of his time in Herod’s basement.

Herod is confident that the outcome will be favourable, but there’s a problem… Will the course of true love ever run smoothly for this unlikely hero?

A funny and touching story of an improbable and heart-warming quest to find true love, Daisy is perfect for fans of The Rosie Project and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Published by No Exit Press on 23 April 2020, 304 pages

This is the story of Herod, his life and the moments up to when he meets Daisy. Herod, or Rod as he prefers to be called hasn’t had the most loving of childhoods but he is now a very wealthy man who doesn’t need to work and so the plot is allowed to go anywhere it wants without the restraints of the normal, everyday affairs.

This book was fun, quick and easy to read, it reminded me of The Hundred Year Old Man combined with The Rosie Project, it had me laughing out loud. Rod, the main character was a jovial, eccentric character who I warmed to immediately and the supporting characters where well developed and added an extra touch to the story. I really enjoyed the little twist at the end that I didn’t see coming!

Thanks to @annecater and @noexitpress for my #gifted copy

J P HENDERSON is the author of three previous novels including Last Bus to Coffeeville, which was selected for World Book Night and longlisted for the Dublin Literary Award. By nature an internationalist, he lives in a cul-de-sac in West Yorkshire for practical reasons.

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