Things Stella and George have had blazing rows about:

– Misquoting Jurassic Park
– Leaving a Coke can on the side of the bath
– Fitting car seats for their hypothetical kids

In other news, they’re getting divorced.

But first, Stella’s mum is throwing a murder mystery party and – with her dad losing his job, her mum’s recent diagnosis, and some very odd behaviour from her sister – now is not the time to tell everyone.

All Stella and George have to do is make it through the day without their break-up being discovered – though it will soon turn out that having secrets runs in the family…

Although this is billed as being mainly about Stella and George you get the lives and perspectives of the whole family so it really is a well rounded story. It was easy to follow as the different character voices were clear and defined by chapters.

This was such a refreshing treat to read as its something I haven’t come across in a book before, it was a mixture of family drama/murder mystery in the form of a party. As some one who has attended a family murder mystery dinner party I was immediately drawn in to this idea and the characters were so well written that I couldn’t put it down!

This is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie type murder mystery and family dramas. It was the perfect blend of fun mixed with serious topics and I can thoroughly recommend this as a great lock-down read!

Thank you to @orionbooks for my #gifted copy in exchange for review.

Head over to my Instagram page to win your very own copy!

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