Daisy Cooper’s life has been pretty uneventful – until the moment it suddenly ends. Unfortunately, her death is (literally) an accident: Daisy wasn’t meant to die for another fifty years. One terrible, embarrassing clerical error is behind it – and Death himself is to blame.

As Daisy battles against her new reality, she starts to learn that letting go isn’t just a challenge faced by those left behind. And while she learns how to survive this impossible new reality, friendship, hope and even love begin to come alive in the most unexpected ways.

For Daisy Cooper, death was the perfect time to start making sense of life…

Ebook available now, Hardback to be published by Orion on 20th August 2020, 320 pages.

This is the story of Daisy who slips on an icy pavement and dies, unfortunately a terrible error was made, it was not her time to die! The story then follows Daisy, her friends, family and unusually Death too as they deal with the aftermath of her passing.⁣

This book was described as fun, fresh – a brilliant love story with a twist. I started to read it and thought I knew exactly where it was going but I was completely wrong.⁣

It was just fabulous and nothing at all like I thought it was going to be. I am not a huge fan of stories where I can see exactly where it was going and everything works out all fluffy and lovely in the end and I made the mistake of thinking this was going to be like that. It is not. It is cleverly written and extremely touching in parts. ⁣

The characters are superbly well written and I believed and was invested in every one of them, especially the character of Death (or Scout as he likes to be known) who has fears and faults and makes mistakes just like everyone else . I was so intrigued to find out what was going to happen that I just could not put it down.⁣

It is such an original book and it doesn’t flower over how the death of a love one effects the people left behind but also gives us the unusual perspective of the person who died. This may make it sound dark and sad but it really isn’t. It is a story of how love doesn’t die after death and of the power and strength of human nature and I cannot recommend it enough if you want to read something original and entertaining.⁣

This is Tamsin Keily’s debut and I cannot wait to read what she writes next…⁣

Review written by @FionaJaneFreer and our copy was kindly #gifted by @kate_moreton at @orionbooks

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