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This Is Not A Love Story is a book for anyone who’s ever wished they were perfect. It’s a book for anyone who feels like a failure.

And it’s not a love story, it’s a real story. And it’s hilarious.

Maggie Gardiner isn’t good enough. She had six glasses of wine at a work conference, woke up covered in curry and has accidentally ended up living with the boring guy who was supposed to be a one night stand. Something has to change.

Every other twenty-something on Instagram seems to have their sh*t together, so why doesn’t she? And so she makes a list. When she’s ticked off every item, she’ll become Maggie 2.0 – the best version of herself, and the one she wants to be. Won’t she…?

1.       Go vegan. It worked for that girl on Twitter.
2.       Take up yoga – that woman she hate-follows swears by it
3.       Start practising mindfulness – all those people can’t be wrong…
4.       Quit smoking. It’s not 1999

Published by Trapeze on 11th June 2020

Reading this I could just see myself at 23, looking at everyone else’s perfect lives and wondering what I was doing wrong whilst simultaneously pouring wine down my throat and making poor life choices. I liked the authors direct writing style, it felt current and very much how I speak with my friends. The dry whit and the humorous situations the character got herself into made me laugh and on more than one occasion I send a picture of a line of text to a friend, example;

‘Ah, wine. You sneaky little bastard.’

Who doesn’t relate to that! The language was unfiltered and the whole book felt refreshingly new.

For the most part I really enjoyed this book but I do have to point out that there was a sentence about autism that was a more than a little uncomfortable to read and would more than likely be offensive for others but I have contacted the publisher and they have said that they will work to get it changed and hopefully the author will acknowledge what they wrote was unacceptable.

Thank you to @annecater and @TrapezeBooks for my #gifted copy in exchange for review.

Mary Hargreaves lives in Manchester and enjoys writing and reading things that cleverer people have written.  She hates waiting, musicals and Pinot Grigio.  This Is Not A Love Story is her debut novel.


A working mum who just loves to read!

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