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Monday 2nd March 2020

The world won’t stay safe for long…

Reunited in Tulsa after a year apart, Zoey and the Nerd Herd are ready to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. But it seems nothing at The House of Night is ever as quiet as it seems.

With rabid red vampyres closing in, the friends must come together again. But a year is a long time. Have they grown too far apart?

When the world fractures and allies become enemies, will darkness devour friendships or will light save those Zoey loves?

From the bestselling authors of The House of Night series comes a new trilogy following the kick-ass heroine that is Zoey Redbird.

Published on the 6th February by Head of Zeus, 352 pages

I loved this book, for me it was 352 pages of pure nostalgia wrapped in a beautiful deep blue cover!

I read the house of night series when I was in high school and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to remember all the characters but I fell straight back in sync and was transported right back to my teenage years (there is a handy catch up of who is who at the start for those who didn’t read the house of night series).

We start off with the lead character being warned of impending doom (from a suspect character no less) followed by an act to prevent the doom which leads to a whole heap of trouble causing the nerd herd to rush to the rescue. Sound familiar? That’s because it is pretty much the plot for every other book in this series but I like that I can always go to this series for some easy reading, knowing whats in store.

If you like YA Vampire fiction or even YA fantasy, I would definitely recommend PC Cast books, the writing is descriptive, fun and easy to follow.

Thank you to @HoZ_Books for my copy in exchanged for review.

P. C. Cast is an award-winning fantasy and paranormal romance author, who is heavily influenced by her long-standing love of mythology. She was a teacher for many years but now concentrates on writing and public speaking full-time. Her daughter, Kristin Cast, attends college in Oklahoma and has won awards for her poetry and journalism as well as co-writing the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling House of Night series.

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Are You Watching – Ralph Vincent

6th January 2020

A page-turning new YA thriller for the social media age, perfect for fans of A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and One Of Us Is Lying.T

Ten years ago, Jess’s mother was murdered by the Magpie Man.

She was the first of his victims but not the last.

Now Jess is the star of a YouTube reality series and she’s using it to catch the killer once and for all.

The whole world is watching her every move.

And so is the Magpie Man.



This was a brilliant young adult thriller which I devoured in a single sitting! I liked that the use of social media in the book was to try and do something proactive and not just another teenager addicted to likes and followers.

I really enjoyed Ralph’s comments on society, this quote,

“We put our lives out there in all sorts of ways – on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat – but it’s always edited. We hand pick the best bits and hope the world gives a shit.”

it just completely summed up the use of social media for me. Rarely do we post pictures and updates about the all the bad things that happen in our day.

Also, the premise of day five was really clever (you will have to read to find out what I mean)

I did not guess who the Magpie Man, which for me was a bonus as I have guessed the ending to a few of the big thrillers, such as the silent patient, this year but you can tell its a YA thriller as although it kept me guessing it didn’t give me goose bumps or that chill that an adult thriller does – or maybe its just because i’m too old!

Get Are You Watching? in ebook now for only 99p

Thank you to Anne Carter and Penguin for my copy in exchange for review